Well I'm putting it all on the table here.....Never tried to do this, normally I just stick to straight Steel out of the jar for the exhaust but after studying Clay's cars I just had to improve so.........The only thing I could find at the hobby shop in Model Master line close to clear orange was their Turn Signal Amber. Works for me! I dug out the airbrushes and sat out on the deck this evening and went to town. I tried to "heat stain" them using the Turn Signal Amber, Semi Gloss Black, then after they dried, hitting them a lick with Dullcote. I'm very pleased. I don't take to the level of Clay and Dave but its fine for this ol' boy. I'd love some input on whether they look real or not. I'm really getting hyped up on this build. I couldn't do it without this forum either. I love feedback on whether my stuff looks OK or whether it sucks and seeing the great builds on here encourages me to go outside of my normal and try new things to improve. Thanks to everyone here! Here is my little setup I had going on outside and just after I got the Amber and Black on..