Entering semi-panic mode. Just realized today there is only 10 days left. Checked on paint and it should be in tomorrow so now that means I'll have paint and still body prep to do (working on taking care of that now). Added skirt to drivers side and studied race photo and there is no rear skirt on passenger side, just pipes so I'm flipping the kit one, no sweat! Used aluminum tube to add more diameter to driveshaft, well I used flat white, let it dry then glosscoted it with 2 coats (didnt have gloss white in a spray) and was painting the yokes and u-joints and the white started to peel off. I know paint doesnt stick well to aluminum. Was my problem that I didnt prime it first? I used flat white paint but it wasnt flat white primer. I did wipe it with thinner. I shot it with actual primer and it looks good. Let it dry overnight and hit it with the flat white after work tomorrow. I dont have time for mistakes at this point in the game. I cut off the center of the cowl so you can actually see the carb and top of motor. I used .040 sheet to make a bottom and back for the air cleaner and used a hole punch in the bottom. Funny thing is its the correct diameter to sit down on the carb I'm happy with that, now to make the "U" braces for both ends of the cowl. Still need to hinge the hood and come up with an idea for hood pins since I dont have any PE ones.....lets see how creative I get with craft wire now I sure do have a sickness! When I dont have it, I'll make it!!!