Still plugging away at it tonight! First idea of the coils bit the dust so I grabbed 2 new diodes, capacitors, or whatever them little things are out of my stash and flipped them over to the metal side and started drilling. Ran some wire and slapped on a little paint and volia......2 MSD coils! Waiting on them to dry now, boxes are wired up, looking in the remaining parts in the box left to see what I can paint/wire up next. I dug around in some boxes today and found my tube of Detail Master black flocking so I'll be doing that to the seat. I believe I'll be working on getting the column glued on, adding the mic button and wire, and working on the disconnect part of the steering wheel. Ancient Modler would you have a picture of the coupler on the back of the steering wheel so I'll have a little something to go off of? I'll have more pictures up soon. I'm excited about how good these coils turned out. It'll be sick once I get the wires hooked up on everything. They look 100% better than the 1st version I had going on. Helpful diagram for whoever would like it.....twin box setup diagram with wire colors from MSD. I didnt have all the colors so I made do with what I had. Also helps that I run a 6AL box on my old truck so I know how to wire them up