"And at night, we enjoy peaceful strolls down quiet streets under a clear starry sky, stunningly free of light pollution from the city"(www.harmonyfl.com)Here is another quote: "Neither will you find houses fronting our championship golf course, the roar of car traffic in your neighborhood, or the nighttime glare of overlit streets or parks." (http://harmonyfl.com/harmonypreserve.html) Not only do we have these lights which you really have to see for yourself. Someone mentioned having lights at the pool for night swimming and they were told that because of dark sky that it would not be possible. Well, you could definitely swim, play tennis, read a book, etc...under these lights. The quote above talks about not finding the roar of traffic in your neighborhood. In January 2007 in the school press release plans the drop off was supposed to be at the front of the school and the parking lot was labeled as the "faculty parking lot" there was no mention of any drop off or pick up in this area. (Lets not forget that MOST of the parking lot was supposed to be part of the active RESIDENTIAL park). Cars are showing up at least 45 minutes before the end of school and idling. Even schools that are not in an Environmentally Intelligent Community have a no idling policy in place. It takes a 5 minute google search to find out how much polution one car can emmit by idling for just a few minutes. How about 50 cars for 45 minutes? Homes and conservation are on the other side of this parking lot. Not only is the car idling happening in the parking lot but we have lazy people that are not parking where they should be and instead parking all down beargrass and idling for 30 minutes right outside the the home office I do a lot of my work from. How is that for an Environmentally INTELLIGENT Community? We have touched on Air pollution, Noise pollution, light pollution. Even if we are talking about school Grounds, so what, this affect neighboring homes and conservation. It is INSIDE Harmony and it is called HARMONY community School. We could live in the city and have bright lights, air pollution, and noise pollution and at least we would be close to everything. We didn't move all the way out here to have all the negatives things brought to us.